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Mental Mushroom Cognition Elixir
Sonoran Essentials

Mental Mushroom Cognition Elixir

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Mental Mushroom is carefully crafted to keep you focused while helping with memory and overall cognitive function. If you are looking for a brain boost during the work day, this is it.

Sonoran Essentials glycerites brew for 6 weeks and contain the finest fair trade herbs, food grade glycerin, and local honey. This means no alcohol, making it safe for folks who are sober, under age, or have allergies to alcohol. And each bottle is crystal infused (there are actually crystals in the bottle!).

Lion’s Mane are used to treat a blanket of cognitive issues and they aid with memory and general “brain fog.”

Ginkgo Leaf is widely used to boost brain function and circulation, and can also fight fatigue. Ginkgo can also be very helpful with memory recall.

Gotu Kola can enhance memory and brain function. It is even said to stimulate growth of new brain cells. 

Lemon Balm can boost cognition, memory, and focus.

Honey contains an antioxidant that can improve brain function.

Clear quartz is a master healer that can aid in concentration and memory.

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