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Lucid Dream Elixir
Sonoran Essentials

Lucid Dream Elixir

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Lucid Dream elixir is a bedtime sleep aid that promotes falling asleep and having restful sleep. If you practice dreamwork, this will certainly enhance your practices but if your main goal is simply to have better sleep habits, this bottle has your back! 

Sonoran Essentials glycerites brew for 6 weeks and contain the finest fair trade herbs, food grade glycerin, and local honey. This means no alcohol, making it safe for folks who are sober, under age, or have allergies to alcohol. And each bottle is crystal infused (there are actually crystals in the bottle!).

Mugwort is said to help with dream recall, help increase awareness during dreams, stimulate lucid dreaming, and increase psychic sensitivity. 

Calea ternifolia, or Mexican dream herb, boosts mental clarity and cognitive function. It also provides a natural, safe calming sensation and an increase in the vividness of dreams.

Blue lotus, jasmine, and lavender can improve sleep and reduce anxiety. 

Ashwagandha root can help with stress and anxiety, boost brain function and memory, and may reduce symptoms of depression. 

Amethyst is known to stimulate the third eye, which connects us to the spiritual realm. It is also helpful in regulating dreams.

Black tourmaline can offer psychic protection and helps banish negative energies.