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Free standard shipping on orders over $75
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Smudge Sprays:

“My package was just delivered. I haven’t even opened it yet and it smells amazing!”

“The spray is wonderful and the packaging is so nice!”

“The smell is so warm and relaxing”

"I think I'm addicted to your Sonoran smudge spray, I spray it at my desk every day"
“I just have to say how much I love the smudge sprays! My favorite is ylang ylang and tangerine!! It smells so good!”


“I absolutely love it and don’t wanna go anywhere without it!”

“Your oils are very light, and they don’t feel heavy or too wet and oily on my skin at all. And I love the crystals in them, it adds that extra level of awesome!”

“I love love love this oil- it’s super calming and I can’t wait to collect them all”

“The scent is so unique and so uplifting!”

“Oh my gosh, I'm instantly obsessed! Everything smells amazing, the packaging is so great and you're local! Love, love, love your company!”

Foaming Coconut Milk Bath:

"It smells dreamy and you don't need a ton which is awesome. It makes your skin feel super silky!"