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Strange times bring beautiful resourcefulness and creativity. With all of the events and markets being closed, I went through some feelings. Like we all have. But I decided to give this web store thing a try! I also decided to play with new products. I moved to Chicago when I was about 22 and there was a little boutique near my apartment where you could mix your own perfumes. I was like, "Holy cats! I want to do this!" While I didn't open my own fragrance mixing paradise, I have decided to mix fragrances on my own. FINALLY.

I am starting with my Sonoran Smudge Spray, and I'll be adding more scents to that line in the future- some great for energy and others with a more calming effect. Also in the near future, I'll be adding essential oil rollers as well as solid perfumes. The sprays and perfumes will all be small batch and they will all be released gradually. Good smells take time. 

All that being said welcome to my shop! Hopefully we can all meet up outside at markets again soon. When it's safe, of course. Much love to you all!

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